Almsgiving 2018
Puerto Rico: The Need Continues

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As we continue to form partnerships and build relationships with various parishes and entities in Puerto Rico, we will be able to better assess their needs and where our Almsgiving donations can make the greatest impact.

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As part of IC’s 2017/2018 Year, Disciples: Living Heaven on Earth,

we will support the island of Puerto Rico in its efforts to rebuild after Hurricane Maria. 

It has been four months since Puerto Rico was hit by the most powerful storm to hit them in over a century. Every aspect of life for Puerto Ricans has been affected.

The ongoing blackout on the island is the longest and largest power outage in modern U.S. history. Downed power lines still litter the streets while bundles of wires and debris line the sidewalks.

Some residents of Puerto Rico are finding it harder to remain safe amid spikes in crime in neighborhoods. About 65% of the island has had power restored, however the restored areas experience frequent blackouts from the unstable electrical grid. Lack of power means families lack some of the basic necessities, including running water, refrigeration, washing machines, ovens and internet.

Thousands of businesses remain closed and will never reopen, with over 118,000 out of work.

Over 250,000 homes were lost to the storm with an unprecedented flood of foreclosures is expected in the coming months. Thousands of homes & cars were left abandoned by the 200,000+ people who have immigrated to mainland U.S.A., many taking with them only what they could carry.

Areas outside the tourist destinations are still drowning in garbage. 6.2 million cubic yards of waste and debris are overflowing the landfills which were beyond capacity before the storm hit.