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The Confirmation preparation program at Immaculate Conception Parish is a parish wide organization that is attended both by eighth grade students who attend Immaculate Conception school, as well as those who attend the local public schools.  The students meet every month from September through April and learn about important topics such as the Sacraments, discipleship, prayer, service, and salvation history in the Bible.  Over the course of the program each student will create an icon of the saint that they have chosen as the patron saint whose name they will receive at Confirmation.   

The students also participate in an overnight retreat or lock-in as part of their experience.  The Confirmation students perform service projects such as decorating for Christmas at the Men’s home, serving lunch at the House of Bread, as well as activities in the parish that include serving at Mass, helping with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and helping with various parish functions through the course of the year.  This program not only helps prepare the students to take the next step towards a deeper commitment in their faith, but it also helps to build community among those students that participate.  The Immaculate Conception Confirmation preparation program helps these young adults better understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ, and how they can live out that call not only in the parish but in the world around them.
To find out more about this program please contact Will Marsh at the parish at 937-252-9919 ext. 208 or by e-mail at

On-line registration is happening through Faith Direct you can sign-up online at

The above image is an Icon of the Confirmation saint created by one of the candidates for Confirmation. 

See below for forms available for printing.
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