2018 - 2019 Discipleship: Magnifying the Lord

Last year’s theme, “Discipleship: Living Heaven on Earth,” has helped our community to discover the true meaning and purpose of Christian living – to strive to make God’s Kingdom a reality here on earth. This is what Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven!” As a result of this retreat, many people found a greater focus for their own lives and even made substantial changes to their lives so that they might help make God’s “Kingdom present in our midst!”

After much reflection and discussion we have decided to focus on Mary, the mother of the One who inaugurated God’s kingdom here on earth.

Mary was the greatest and most faithful disciple. She surrendered her will to God like no other person in human history. Her life was at the service of God. By her openness she became instrumental in human salvation. Through her, “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us!” She gave Jesus to the world and it was under her care that he grew in wisdom. She selflessly shared her son with humanity. As a disciple, she became a radical follower of her son – following him even to the cross. She is our model. She is the one we try to imitate as we seek to be disciples of Jesus.

Towards this purpose, the theme for this year is:

“Discipleship: Magnifying the Lord.”

As you may have recognized, the theme comes directly from The Magnificat – Mary’s song of praise. The retreat focused on Mary and the ways in which she magnified the Lord. Learning from her example, we will focus on practical ways by which we too can magnify the Lord in our lives.

In Jesus Christ,

Satish Joseph

Photos courtesy of Ernest Barnhart
Magnifying the Lord

Magnifying the Lord - Session One

Dr. Neomi DeAnda

In this first session, Neomi invites us into the Annunciation and Visitation to better magnify what the Lord did through Mary in the Incarnation.

Magnifying the Lord - Session Two

Dr. Neomi DeAnda

In this second session, Neomi takes us on the Flight to Egypt and her own journey with Our Lady of Sorrows and Maria de la Leche.

Magnifying the Lord - Session Three

Dr. Neomi DeAnda

In this third session, Neomi leads us through a reflection on youth and age, beauty and false perfection by encouraging us to encounter Mary in her later years.