2017 - 2018: Discipleship: Living Heaven on Earth

Our 2016-17 Parish theme, "Discipleship: Sacraments of Peace," was a very meaningful year for our parish. Focusing on God's gift of peace helped our community to find meaning, consolation, and solace in time of need. The Peace prayer wall petitions that were offered every month suggests that our community prayed fervently for peace in our homes and in the world.

After much reflection and discussion among Parish Pastoral Council members, the adult faith formation team, and the parish staff, for the coming year we have decided to focus on the gospel's most prevalent theme - the kingdom of God. Jesus began his preaching with the words, "The kingdom of God is at hand." When he taught his disciples to pray, he said, "Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven." In the beatitudes too, he offered his followers the kingdom of God. Some day, we hope to be part of God's kingdom.

The kingdom of God is not only and invitation, but also an responsibility. In other words, the kingdom of God is a not only reality that lies ahead of us in some distant future, but the kingdom is realized in the here-and-now. That is why during his lifetime Jesus preached, "The kingdom of heaven is among you." Today, it is our task to seek, to discover, and to do our part in building the kingdom of God here on earth.

Through the Parish Discipleship Prayer, through our missionary and service activities, through the building of small communities of disciples, through our preaching and worship, we will be disciples who realize the prayer or Jesus, "The kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!"

- Fr. Satish Joseph

(Credits for Photography and Videography: Ernest Barnhart and Cody Brown)
(Credits for Photography and Videography: Ernest Barnhart and Cody Brown)