Giving During COVID-19


This is a trying time for our families and communities on many levels, including financially. For some, this time is putting your livelihood on the line. We recognize that that impact will negatively impact your giving, and we support you in that prayerful discernment. For others, your finances might be stable through this time. Please take the time to prayerfully consider the financial impact of COVID-19 on you, your family, our parish and the wider community. If you find that you are a stable family please consider increasing your contribution to our parish and other charities that go to support those in need in our community.

In light of the suspension of Masses in Ohio through May 3 we ask that you continue supporting us both prayerfully and financially. Our budget includes ongoing expenses such as salaries for our staff that per the Archdiocese must still be met. You can give your support by:

  • Mailing in your envelopes
  • Signing up for Faith Direct’s online giving
  • Dropping your offering off at the parish office
  • Accounting for the missed time in a later donation

Thank you for your support of Immaculate Conception Parish. We truly would be incapable of achieving a fraction of what we do without your participation and the generous gifts of your time and money. Our programs, ministries, and salaries are provided by your generous support. Please know that we will continue to hold each of you and your families in our prayers in the days and weeks to come. We also will continue to support our school children through our Blessing in the Bags program funded by our Food Pantry collection and will be preparing for our future after things begin to return to normal.

Taking Care of Your Community

Many of us are also anxious to see others helped as well. Here are some resources to that effect:

How can We Help?

  • Send cards
  • Skype with distant family
  • Check-in on Elderly neighbors
  • Call and care remotely for those who are alone and cut-off
  • Donate blood (Nan Whaley on donating blood)
  • Donate to Charities supporting highly impacted individuals and families (low-income, hourly workers)
    • Or giving gift cards to families you know are in need
  • Pray with your family
  • Intercede for the world, health workers, firefighters, EMT and law enforcement.
    • Pray the Our Father for them while washing your hands!
  • Stay safe for other's sake and yours!