Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday (April 1)

Easter Sunday Timeline

9am Mass

11am Mass

Easter Egg Hunt following at about 12:30

MassesOn Easter Sunday we offer an additional Mass in the morning. Our first Mass will start at 9am accompanied by traditional music. The second Mass begins at our normal time of 11am. This Mass will also be accompanied by traditional music. Finally, we offer our 6pm Mass as well. This Rock with the Risen Jesus Mass will be accompanied by traditional hymns and contemporary christian music.

6pm Rock with Jesus Mass

"Let the children come to me..." - JesusFor our little ones, we'll offer our annual Easter Egg Hunt after the 11am Mass (~12:30pm). This will take place on the North Lawn of our grounds (on the school and shrine side of the church).

Sensitivities to Incense?

While we can all appreciate the beauty of incense in our worship, not everyone reacts well to its presence. Please note that no incense will be used at our 9am and 6pm Masses.

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