Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil (March 31)

The Vigil begins at 8:30pmEaster Vigil is the most climatic event in Holy Week, if not the entire liturgical year. Few Masses engage our senses to the same degree as this liturgy. In darkness, we process outside to an Easter fire. Outside in the night air, surrounded by the sounds of the world, we watch the interplay of light and dark that is at the heart of the Easter mystery. Processing back into the church, each worshiper carries a newly lit candle from the same flame. The defeat for darkness by the light of the world becomes more evident when the church is once again fully illuminated. Throughout the Vigil, we journey throughout the Old Testament hitting the major themes and moments in Salvation History until we finally come to the New Testament and the Gospel. Like the Disciples on the road to Emmaus, we have God's plan from the beginning broken open for us.

Then we witness that plan being played out before us as we witness our Elect and Candidates (those who have been going through RCIA) receive full initiation into the life of the Church through Baptism, Confirmation, and their First Communion. For the first time since Holy Thursday, we celebrate Mass with consecration again and share in the table of the Lord.A light reception will follow the Mass to celebrate those who were received into the Church and all that the Lord has done.Return to Holy Week.