Good Friday

Good Friday Timeline

Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

12pm (noon)

Social Justice Hunger Lunch


Way of the Cross


Tazie Prayer Service


The Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

During this solemn liturgy, take note of the change to our familiar space. The stripped altar, the empty holy water, the empty tabernacle an extinguished Paschal Candle. Live the story as we proclaim the Passion Narrative from John’s Gospel and hear our own voices as the crowd. Then we venerate the Cross as a reminder of the sacrifice Christ made for us. We also pray the Solemn Intercessions with the Catholic Church across the globe. We close by participating in communion. The Eucharist that we share was consecrated during the Holy Thursday Mass, reminding us that what started yesterday continues through to tomorrow.

The Hunger Lunch

Following the Good Friday Liturgy is the Hunger Lunch. On this day of fasting we share a simple meal of soup and bread. It helps us stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers from around the world who so often go without proper nutrition.

The Way of the Cross

At about 2:30pm we will pray the Way of the Cross in the church. We will prayerfully reflect on Christs' final hours through the stations of the Cross. We open ourselves to the reality of what he bore for us. We try to grasp the implications that his final moments have for us. We listen with our ears and our hearts to how the final moments of Jesus' call us to live today.

Taize Prayer ServiceAs the sun sets, we invite you to join us once more at the church. We encourage you to enter a transformed worship space. As you enter the church, you will see our large crucifix illuminated by the dancing light of roughly a thousand candles. As the choir leads us in beautiful songs of meditation sung and chanted in the Taize tradition, one is drawn into the sense of mystery that is Good Friday. Once again we will have an opportunity to approach the cross in reverence. Join us for this beautiful evening that expresses all of the wonder, mourning, goodness, mystery, darkness, and light of this day we call "Good Friday."