Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Clergy, Staff, & Parish Council

Fr. Satish A. Joseph
Pastor of Immaculate Conception & St. Helen

p. 937-252-9919 ext. 206

e. satishjoseph@icparishdayton.org (Immaculate Conception)

e. satish.joseph@sthelenparish.org (St. Helen)

Ralph Gutman

p. 937-252-9919

Michael Montgomery                                       

p. 937-252-9919

Deb Bauer

Parish Manager

p. 937-252-9919 ext. 204

e. debbauer@icparishdayton.org

Spencer Hargadon

Family Life Coordinator

p. 937-252-9919 ext. 207

e. spencerhargadon@icparishdayton.org

Amy Gray

Coordinator of Music Ministry

p. 937-252-9919 ext. 210

e. amygray@icparishdayton.org   

Will Marsh

Liturgy & Religious Education Coordinator

p. 937-252-9919 ext. 208

e. willmarsh@icparishdayton.org

Christen Aquino

Youth & Young Adult Ministry Coordinator

p. 937-252-9919 ext. 209

e. christenaquino@icparishdayton.org  

Cindy Reaster

Administrative Assistant

p. 937-252-9919 ext. 218

e. cindyreaster@icparishdayton.org   

Martha Lombard

Parish Secretary

p. 937-252-9919 ext. 202

e. martha.lombard@icparishdayton.org   

Frank Rendulic

Facility Manager

p. 937-252-9919 ext. 120

e. Frendulic@icsdayton.org   

Parish Council

Chairperson:  Will Marsh

Vice Chairperson:  Beth Groff

Members: Maura Donahue, Beth Groff, John Haviland, Leslie Impastato, Will Marsh, Leigh Pope, John Remick, Jeff Singleton, John Stoddard, William V. Trollinger Jr., Lee Watson,  Bob Wilke, and George Zeck

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