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Youth & Young Adult Ministry

When Christ walked the earth, He called individuals to come together.  He taught His followers to be a Community of Disciples.  Even on the smallest level we see the circle of James, John, and Peter.  

Seeing what Christ did during His earthly ministry, we know that he has called us into a Community.  A community that is centered around Him.  One where the members support and teach one another.  But also, a community that is never content to merely focus on itself, but to care for the loves of God; every human life and all of creation.

So in responding to that call Immaculate Conception offers a vast number of Ministries.  Singularly they might not encompass all three calls, but together we believe that we are doing the work of the Kingdom and living the call of a Community of Disciples.  

We seek to center our lives around Christ through our various liturgy, retreat, and prayer ministries.  
We seek to offer seamless faith formation as we build up our community and strengthen one another.  
We seek to reach those who are on the fringes of our community, our society, this earthly life, and just those who are in need.

All of our ministries are done for love of God and love of neighbor.  May the glory and honor go to Christ, and may He increase while we decrease.