Regarding the desecration of the Shrine of Our Lady of Belmont at IC Parish
"A little after 1am on  October 4th, two young men on bicycles toppled and smashed to the ground four of the nine statues that make our shrine. They also topped Mary’s crown with a fern pot and adorned her with an abandoned hula-hoop. Their intention clearly was to desecrate.
In the face of that act, IC parish has experienced unimaginable, support, love, prayers, and goodness expressed by the local community and indeed from people across the nation in many, many ways for which we offer our deepest thanks. The parish community is grateful to the media, law-enforcement officials, and hundreds of thousand of well-wishes who have come to meet us, called us, written to us, or contributed financially or otherwise towards the rebuilding of the shrine. Yes, we will rebuild the shrine, but more importantly, we will continue the task of building the kingdom of God." - Fr. Satish Joseph  (See Fr. Satish's full statement here.)

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Immaculate Conception Parish is a community of disciples that embraces Christ's call to holiness, community and servant hood. We live our call to be Christ's disciples through our spirit-filled worship, empowering reflection on God's word, and genuine service to our neighbors. We also strive to think like Jesus, talk like Jesus and act like Jesus, and in this way make God's unconditional love evident for all.
2016-2017  PARISH  THEME
Our world is undergoing tremendous turmoil. Our own nation is in the throes of unprecedented violence. Racial upheavals, domestic violence, and violence leaves each pining for peace. Sometimes, we too get caught up within the web of negativity, resentment, hatred, jealously, revenge and dissensions.  Hence, we have decided to dedicate 2016-17 to “Disciples: Sacraments of Peace.” (Read More)