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The Bereavement Ministry is how we reach out as a parish to give solace and comfort to those who have lost a loved one. Bereavement ministers meet with the bereaved, offering assistance in preparing for the funeral liturgy. For more information about the Bereavement Ministry, please contact Cindy Reaster at                      252-9919 x 218 or e-mail her at .

Included within the Bereavement ministry is the group called the 'MARTHAS.' The MARTHAS provide food for a reception following a parishioner's funeral service. We are always look for new members to provide a casserole, salad, or desert. The MARTHAS provide the side dishes and the Rosary Altar ladies do the hall set-up, serving and cleaning. For more information about the MARTHAS or to have your name put on a call list for preparing a dish, please call Donna Rice at 256-7434. 

Immaculate Conception parish also has a FUNERAL CHOIR. The choir sings at the funeral masses. They meet half-an-hour before the funeral mass to rehearse. If you feel called to be part of the funeral choir, simply show up at one of the funeral masses. All are welcome.