Eucharistic Celebrations

Monday - Regional Mass at St. Helen Parish - 8:15 am
Tuesday - Thursday 8:15 am (Parish Chapel)
Friday - Regional Mass at Immaculate Conception Parish - 8:15 am
On the first Tuesday of each month Mass is offered at 10:30 am instead of 8:15 am at the Sanctuary Nursing Center. You are welcome to join us.

Saturday - 4:30 pm (Family Choir)
Sunday - 11:00 am (Traditional) & 6:00 pm (Contemporary)

Additional Celebrations
Eucharistic Adorations and the Rosary Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, immediately after Mass
First Saturday Mass at 8:15 am followed by the Rosary
Adoration is offered Fridays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Chapel.

Preparation classes are offered on the second Wednesday of each month. Please call Rectory (937-252-9919) for arranging these classes.
Baptism is offered on most Sundays during weekend masses or after the 11:00 AM mass.

Please call the Rectory (937-252-9919) for information and inititial appointment with Fr. Satish

Saturday at 3:30 PM or by appointment (937-252-9919 ext 206).