Family Life Ministries

At the parish, Spencer Hargadon has taken on a new position, the Family Life Coordinator.  Many of the details are still being finalized, but we want to make as much available to you as possible.

What is the Family Life Coordinator?  The vision for this position is to “develop, sustain, and grow a range of ministries that support emerging, new, established, and struggling families by offering enrichment, formation, empowerment, and accompaniment.”

What's happening?  Currently, Spencer is meeting with other parishes and coordinators to discern how we can best fulfill our vision.  For some ministries there are pre-existing programs that could be a good fit here at Immaculate.  In other areas, we might have to, through prayer and dialogue, craft an option that is tailor-made for IC.  Either way, Spencer will be inviting parishioners to come alongside him to serve our families.  If this is of interest to you, please reach out to him (  

While Spencer is focusing on his 2017-2018 goals, he also desires to hear from you about what you see as a need the parish.  These conversations will help him set priorities for future endeavors as the position develops. 

What kind of Ministries will be offered this year?  With our vision in mind, you can expect to see the Family Life coordinator serving in these capacities:

  • Young Love Dinner (Happened on February 10) – A fellowship meal with a speaker provided for those who were married during 2017 and are getting married during 2018.
  • Marriage Retreat (May 5, 2018) – A single day retreat organized by our parish’s marriage retreat team. Retreatants are provided an excellent time to grow with with their spouse.  Our retreats seek to enrich marriages with practical skills and an outpouring of God’s grace.
  • Couple’s Dinner (Fall 2018) – This dinner and speaker event will be off-campus and open as a first come, first serve event for all the couples of the parish.
  • Mom’s Group (Launched February 14, 2018) – Our mom’s group will seek to help encourage and facilitate authentic and fulfilling community.  From this we also hope to launch a meal registry ministry for our families with a new little one in their home.
  • Accompaniment and Resource Referral – As individuals reach out to us at the parish we desire to offer them more.  We are discerning the best way to offer accompaniment to our parishioners.  Please don't hesitate to call though, for during our discernment, we are still able to be a resource of resources.
  • Healing after Divorce – The parish will launch a support group for individuals who have gone through a divorce.  Whether it was this year or years ago, this will be a safe opportunity to heal through reflection and sharing with other people who can truly relate.
  • Parent Connections – When a child receives First Communion or a teen gets Confirmed, the whole family engages with the Church and the faith.  To break open that reality, we offer our Parent nights in conjunction with First Communion and Reconciliation Formation.

As these undertakings take greater shape, information will be publicized in the bulletin, on the website, and announced at Mass as these events get closer.

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Please watch the video below on the power of prayer in marriage. 

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Spencer Hargadon
Family Life Coordinator
Mom's Group:
Wednesday Mornings after the School Mass

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