COVID-19 Response

During the Suspension of public Masses in Ohio, we will be Live Streaming Mass here

Daily Mass (Mon-Sat) at 9:00 AM and Sunday Mass at 10:00 AM

Parish Office closed due to COVID-19 stay-at-home-order.

Holy Week Live Stream Schedule (plus Worship Aids)

MASS TIMES: During COVID-19 please follow our Live Stream Link


Immaculate Conception Parish is a community of disciples that embraces Christ's call to holiness, community and servant hood. We live our call to be Christ's disciples through our spirit-filled worship, empowering reflection on God's word, and genuine service to our neighbors. We also strive to think like Jesus, talk like Jesus and act like Jesus, and in this way make God's unconditional love evident for all.

2019-2020 PARISH THEME

I feel the urgency to go back to the basics. I feel the urgency to revisit Jesus’ call to discipleship. I feel the urgency to reflect on the Gospel call follow Jesus in a passionate and radical way. By radical I do not mean witnessing to Christ in a fanatical or narrow-minded way, but rather, by imitating Christ in the closest way possible. It means that we once again reflect on what it means to Think like Jesus, Talk like Jesus and Act like Jesus. ... (Read More Coming Soon)

“Radical Love, Radical Discipleship.”