Immaculate Conception
Food Pantry

IC Food Pantry's goal is to serve both the parish community and the Belmont neighborhood.

Below are three ways in which IC food pantry continues to serve!

Please see below if you are in need of assistance or if you wish to serve.

Your continued support, both financially and through volunteering, will allow this ministry to flourish.
Please designate financial contributions "Food Pantry."

IC partners with BOGG. BOGG Ministries is a non-profit organization that provides food, clothing, and other essentials to those in need. Their primary ministry is the Mobile Meals program. The Mobile Meals program comes to IC's South Parking lot on the third Thursday of each month. It provides, for example, a family of three with 3 meals a day for 3-5 days. IC sponsors the Mobile Meals program at our location by using the donation from the monthly IC Food pantry envelopes.

See more Information here.

Immaculate Conception School Blessing Bag Program

To volunteer please see below.

The ICS Blessing Bag program provides assistance to students who need supplemental nutrition during the weekends. Each year, parents have the option to sign their student up to participate in the program. Blessing Bags are given each weekend throughout the school year. Each bag contains breakfast, fruit, lunch, a snack & juice for the weekend.

Volunteers needed:

Two (2) volunteers are needed for this program. On the first Thursday of the month the food is bagged, crated, and delivered to the school auditorium for distribution each Friday of that month. Each crate will be dated for its distribution by the school. Crates will then be retrieved from the school upon the volunteer’s arrival (on the first Thursday of each month) to be reused for packing day and repeating the process.

To volunteer for the Blessing Bag Program please email your name, address, phone number

and which volunteer position you would like to apply for to

Immaculate Conception Food Pantry

To volunteer please see below.

The food pantry provides grocery boxes for registered members of the parish and IC school families. IC Food Pantry will work with the family advocate at IC School to help families. As this ministry is more targeted, the Food Pantry will have a curated list of food items for distribution and will communicate the greatest needs with the wider church community through the weekly Bulletin. Please see below for a standard stock list of donatable items or see the bulletin for our items of greatest need.

The Food Pantry's Grocery Boxes comes in two varieties:

  1. Starter Box - A starter box gives the family the staples needed for making complete meals. A starter box will be given to each family with their first visit to the pantry. After 3 visits to the pantry an inquiry will be made with the family as to whether these items need replenished for the family.

  2. Grocery Box - These come in 2 sizes, large & small. A large box feeds a family while a small box feeds a single person or couple. These boxes provide the necessary items to make meals for 7 days. The dry, canned & boxed food items will be packed in the box for distribution. Meat will be frozen upon arrival and sorted in the freezer for distribution by different color bags in crates or trays in the freezer. All families will receive a meat allotment, milk, eggs, bread & grocery box based on their family size. Box distribution is on the last Thursday or Friday of each month. Time to be determined but will be before 12 (noon). (We see a volunteer opportunity of distribution in the future once it is smooth sailing…)

Volunteers needed:

Volunteers who would like to fill one of the positions below need to be able to commit to fulfilling this monthly.

Pick up - One (1) volunteer needed to pick up a standing monthly order from Dots Market on Patterson Rd. We would like this to happen on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Sorters - Two (2) volunteers are needed to bring the Church food donations from the breezeway to the pantry. We would like these volunteers to come in on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. In addition, these volunteers will check expiration dates and place the items on shelves for distribution. Items that are not on the standard box list will go on the cart for BOGG distribution. Sorters’ responsibilities include helping to keep the food shelves stocked orderly & clean.

Packers – Two (2) volunteers are needed for packing boxes on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Packers will pack up to 6 large boxes, 4 small boxes & 6 starter boxes or bring the current inventory back up to this level. Packers will use items with earliest expiration dates as designated on shelves. Packers’ responsibilities include restocking shelves with delivery orders, and breaking down boxes, cartons, and wrappers for trash/recycle.

To volunteer for the Food Pantry please email your name, address, phone number
and which volunteer position you would like to apply for to

Food Pantry Standard Stock Items (Can also be downloaded below) [updated 3/12/2021]

  • Spaghetti

  • Marinara Sauce

  • Mac & Cheese

  • Diced Tomatoes

  • Canned Chicken

  • Canned Tuna

  • Rice

  • Dry Beans (Black or Pinto)

  • Cereal (Adult & Child)

  • Instant Oatmeal

  • Peanut Butter

  • Jelly

  • Cream of Mushroom Soup

Please watch the bulletin for a list of pantry standard needs to fulfill the grocery boxes.

Parishioners, to volunteer for the Blessing Bag Program or the Food Pantry please email your name, address, phone number

and which volunteer position you would like to apply for to

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