Engaged couples are encouraged to contact the church office as soon as they begin plans for their marriage, at least 9 months in advance. Once you have met with the Presider of your of your wedding and freedom to marry in the church has been confirmed, a date can be set. Couples need to participate in the parish marriage preparation program. Contact Will Marsh or email to begin scheduling (937)252-9919 ext 208.

Young Love Ministry

Engaged or Recently Married?

Get plugged into our Young Love Ministry by reaching out to Will Marsh: or (937)252-9919 ext 208.

This ministry envisions a community made up of Immaculate Conception couples who are engaged to be married or have been married for less than a year. The hope is that the seasonal gatherings can be fun and meaningful and that sharing this community with others in the same season of life can be encouraging and life-giving.