Open before and after mass each weekend!

Located in the north side of the main vestibule.

Immaculate Conception's Lending Library offers parishioners access to select literary and electronic resources to assist them in developing the mind and heart of a disciple.  Keeping with the Parish's mission statement, the resources available enrich our Worship, open the Word, and guide us on the Way.  We strive to offer an easy to navigate selection of time-tested classics and contemporary releases accessible to both the seeker and ardent reader.

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The Library Committee is in the process of reorganizing the Library.  Below you will find our new Categories with a word describing what you can find in them.  All Sections are alphabetical by the last name of the author, unless otherwise noted.

Ancient to Contemporary Theology

From the Church Fathers to people still writing today, whether you are looking for Augustine, Aquinas, Rohr, or Hahn, this is the section to visit.  That doesn't mean you won't find Scott Hahn books in the Liturgy & Sacraments section or Richard Rohr books in Prayer, this is just a good starting point as you try to wrestle with what the word means in our lives today.

Christian Lives

(Alphabetical by last name of the Subject)

In this section you'll find stories of officially recognized Saints as well as the stories of other Christians who have walked the way or are walking it with us now.  This section is subdivided into official Saints, collections of Saints, and those not canonized.  


If you are interested in church history, church documents, books about how to be church, or apologetics; this section is for you.  Knowing who we are helps us to know more fully who we worship.


Jesus beckons us to come and follow Him.  This section explores what living the Christian life looks like and many books offer guidance and encouragement as we travel along the way.  If you want to know more about Jesus, just look to the shelf above this one.


The books in this section are for couples, parents, and all of us in family life.  If you are looking for books concerning family crisis or concern, look in Seasons of Life.


One of Jesus' most poignant questions is, "Who do you say that I am?"  We invite you to use this section to seek your response that question and others you might have about Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

Liturgy & Sacraments

Catholicism is enriched by the smells and the bells but that doesn't mean we fully understand the mystery of our Sacraments and our Communal worship.


Mary is dear to our hearts.  She encourages us as we go the way of a disciple of Jesus.  If you wish to learn from her discipleship, or become more aware of her maternal love for you, please explore this section.

Morality & Social Justice

The way of Jesus Christ is incredibly freeing, but places upon us expectations and demands to give glory to God by our lives and love those around us, including our enemies.  We explore those principles in the study of morality and social justice.

Non-Catholic Faith Traditions

This section of the library offers you a chance to learn how other faiths, traditions, and denominations approach the mystery of God.


Looking to more fervently worship God?  Want to take a mini-retreat in your own living room?  Trying to break into a new style of prayer?  This section seeks to provide you resources to deepen your relationship with God.


If you are looking for help engaging the Bible, understanding a particular book, or just becoming more comfortable and familiar with the Word of God, we recommend this section.


Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter are rich times in our liturgical year.  Each has its own nuance and focus.  These books help you get the most out of your engagement with the Church's calendar.

Seasons of Life

Life moves in seasons.  Some are more like a spring with the excitement of new life and warmth.  Other times life can feel cold or like everything around us is dwindling or even dying.  We can't cover it all, but we hope that there are valuable resources here as the more trying seasons arise.