During COVID

Baptisms are continuing at this time. Our workshops are also still ongoing using online video conferencing. Please use the registration link below.

Baptism is the great sacrament of welcome as it brings someone into the Faith and begins their initiation. While we most commonly baptize infants, anyone who has not received baptism is welcome and encouraged to reach out to us. Below are some frequently asked questions that might help jump start your conversation with Will as you seek baptism for your child or self. Regardless of your specific questions, your point of contact will be Will Marsh.

"We're having a baby! How do we get her baptized?"

Congratulations! Will Marsh can help you get details arranged. He'll help you get signed up for our Baptism Workshop offered on the second Wednesday of each month. After you've participated in the workshop he'll be able to help you set up a date, so please note that baptisms are not officially scheduled until after someone from the family has attended the workshop. Some things to think about would be questions such as "Are you seeking baptism during Mass or after Mass? Is the desired date more important than the desired priest or deacon?" You can register for the workshop online.

"My pregnancy is considered 'high risk.' Should I do anything differently?"

Please call Will Marsh to discuss the situation. If the need is immediate, please call (937) 272-4898.

"My son was never baptized. How can I get him baptized?"

We would love to talk with you about how to make that happen. When you speak to Will, he will be able to help you discover the best course of action.

"We are adopting and would like to get her baptized. What do I need to know?"

The largest determining factor is the current status of the adoption. If the adoption is completed than we can proceed as we would in any other case. If the adoption has not been completed, and you would like to seek Baptism before that time, Will can help you seek the appropriate documentation.

"I'm an adult and I want to get baptized, can I do that?"

Yes! Well, most likely. If you have never received baptism before, then yes, we can help you pursue baptism. If you have been baptized, we would be happy to talk about seeking First Communion and/or Confirmation. Either way, Will can help you, and will likely help you explore something we call RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults).

Please don't hesitate to call or email with questions or to begin seeking baptism at Immaculate.