Is there a room we can use to get ready?

Dressing Rooms are provided to the wedding party the day of your wedding. They are located in the lower level of the church.

What if I want flowers at my wedding?

Flowers (fresh or artificial) are permitted and need to be provided by the couple. Flowers are to be placed on the floor or on stands on either side of the altar, never directly upon the altar. If you would like to schedule a walkthrough to determine flower placement, please contact the parish office. Any flowers, except those on the pews, are generally left in the church as a token of appreciation and are used to decorate the church for the weekend Masses.

We want to have a flower girl, what are your rules?

Flower Petals may be strewn as part of your entrance in the main aisle only. We prefer you use silk rather than real petals. You are responsible for cleaning them up after the wedding ceremony. Please let us know in advance and we will ensure you have access to a broom and dustpan.

What should my photographer/videographer know?

Taking posed photos in the sanctuary space is usually reserved for after the wedding. Please be cognizant of our 4:30PM Mass for our parishioners. Please, no flash photography during the wedding. If your photographer/videographer has questions about how to shoot the wedding while maintaining the solemnity of it, please have them contact us prior to the wedding. Finally, audio for videos can be recorded from the speakers only.

Can we place an aisle runner?

A white aisle runner is permitted. A 100 ft. runner will cover all the way back into the vestibule of the church. You need to provide this and please connect with the parish office if you are planning to use one.

We want to have a unity candle, is that allowed?

A Unity Candle is permitted and is provided by the couple. See page 25 of And the Two Shall Become One for more considerations. Please bring the candle to the rehearsal.

Can we leave everything set up at the Rehearsal?

Leaving items in the church the night of the rehearsal for the wedding day is not permitted. We cannot be responsible for items left in the church overnight.

Can we bring food as we get ready?

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the dressing rooms only. No food or drink of any kind in the church itself. Please do not leave any food or beverages in the kitchen refrigerator after the wedding. We cannot be responsible for any items left. Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted at the church on your wedding day. Also, those in the wedding party should not be under the influence of alcohol prior to the wedding ceremony.

I have seen people throw rice, birdseed, or blow bubbles, what do you allow?

No Rice or Birdseed is permitted on the church grounds. You may use bubbles outside the church itself.

Can we leave some cars there at the rehearsal and take them after the Wedding?

As with leaving items in the church the night of the rehearsal, we don’t allow this. We do not think it is prudent to leave your cars unattended in the parking lot and cannot be responsible for them or anything in them.

How much does it cost to have my wedding at Immaculate Conception?

Immaculate Conception makes a distinction between our Parishioner fee and non-Parishioner fee. For a Parishioner the total expense of a wedding is $520 and for a non-Parishioner it is $770. These expenses cover the use of the Church, your FOCCUS inventory, and compensating both our Coordinator of Music Ministry, and our Wedding Coordinator. This does not cover the cost of the approved retreat experience that you participate in as part of your preparation.

These fees should be paid in two installments. The first installment ($270 Parishioner / $520 Non-Parishioner) is due within five business days after your first meeting with Father. Methods of payment include cash, check, or online with a card through FaithDirect. A portion of this payment is non-refundable ($125 Parishioner / $250 Non-Parishioner).

The remainder ($250 Parishioner / $250 Non-Parishioner) is due 10 days prior to your wedding (along with other necessary forms & items). A breakdown of these expenses is available by request to our parish office.

Do we pay Father/Deacon?

Your officiant is not paid directly for your wedding. Everyone extends their gratitude in whatever way they feel is best and that is left to your discretion.

Is there a maintenance employee who comes in after us?

Our maintenance crew is responsible for a substantial number of essential tasks on our campus. They are not able to clean after each wedding, therefore, all packaging, paper, ribbons, tissue & containers need to be placed in the trash containers provided. Church property, rooms, and bathrooms need to be kept clean.